The frequency of the channel Kramish Nilesat 2022 and its most important features


If you have children, you already know the channel of Karamish the beloved channel of your child that always shows distinctive cartoon programs that help him to talk and harmony with the songs shown, and always changes a lot of frequencies and saddens children so we will show you today the frequency of the channel Karamish 2022 and why it is the first choice for your child.
Frequency of Kramish Nilesat Channel 2022

The frequency of the channel Kramish Nilesat 2022 and its most important features

The frequency of the channel Kramish Nilesat 2022 and its most important features

Nilesat Satellite

  • Frequency 11430
  • Polarization rate V
  • Coding rate 27500
  • Error correction rate 8/7
  • SD Quality Rate

About Karamish Channel

  1. The channel is one of the most important channels to provide content related to children, because it contains a large number of films, series, songs and others that help to satisfy the entertainment and entertainment needs of children of different ages, remember that its management is committed to applying the appropriate literary standards to the traditions of each family.
  2. The Kramish channel is dedicated to displaying children’s content.
  3. The channel was created in 2009 and premiered on February 15 of the same year.
  4. The owner of the channel is Wasim Awad who also works as a broadcaster.
  5. The channel displays content in Arabic and Jordan’s country of origin.
  6. The channel is passionate about meeting the recreational, social, educational and cultural needs of children between the ages of 3 and 14.
  7. One of the most important pieces of information is that the Karamish Canal is able to cover a large area in the Middle East and North Africa in a short period of time.

The most important features of Karamish Channel

  • The presence of many features in the channel makes many people want to download the frequency of the Kramish channel on Nilesat so that children and family can enjoy the content on offer.
  • The channel’s goal is to help parents develop their children’s minds from an early age, helping to build a strong personality in each individual until they grow up to be a balanced person.
  • The Karamish channel has content with meaningful performances, including songs, movies, series, cartoons and religious programs, making it attractive to older groups, not just children.
  • Streaming this channel is free of charge and does not require any subscription fees
    It is concerned with providing content with the best quality and the highest technology.

Highlights of the animation of the channel Karamish

This channel contains a large number of cartoons that appear in series, movies, etc., among which the most attractive content for children is as follows:

  • Tom Gehry
  • Looney Tunes
  • The Simpsons
  • Family Gay
  • South Park
  • Cartoon Flintstone
  • SpongeBob
  • Scooby Doo
  • Avatar
  • Lonnie Twins

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Karamesh Channel Broadcasters

Always behind every successful work is a successful integrated system and one of the most important reasons for the success of the channel of Karamish is the interest in choosing the best broadcasters and talented in their fields, and through hard work and patience the channel of Karamish reaped the effort of fruits until it became one of the most important channels for children and irreplaceable, and all this thanks to its distinguished broadcasters, namely:

  • Mohamed Adawi
  • Saja Walid
  • Randa Salah
  • Abd El , Kader Sabahi
  • Hisham Mujahid
  • Bushra Awad
  • Amal Qatami
  • Sarah Al-Manea
  • Raafat Waseem
  • Hanan Al , Tarayrah
  • Nagham Al Ghaith
  • Lynn Al , Ghaith
  • Natalie Mirrors
  • Ismail Al , Qadi
  • Bisan Siam
  • Zeina Awad


In this way, we have explained to you everything you want to know about the Karamish Children’s Channel and its most important features and the most prominent names that helped the channel achieve this great success and the best cartoon programs presented in the channel, you can also follow the Facebook page of the channel to know the new programs presented and the date of presentation of programs through the following link on the Facebook page: karrameeshgroup