Nilesport Nilesat Channel Frequency 2022


Nile Sport Channel is a sports channel founded by Radio and Television within the Nile Channels Group, always offering the most important sporting events, Egyptian Premier League football matches and Egypt Cup matches with analytical studios after the match, so we will provide everything you want to know about the frequency of Nile Sport Channel for 2022 and the most important features of the channel.

Nilesport Nilesat Channel Frequency 2022

Nilesport Nilesat Channel Frequency 2022

Nile Sport Nile Sat Channel Frequency 2022

  • Nilesat Satellite
  • Vertical polarization rate
  • Coding rate 27500
  • Error correction coefficient 5/6
  • SD Quality
  • Frequency 11841 / 1184

Nile Sport Channel

  1. One of the oldest channels in the field of sports where its first show appeared in 1998.
  2. Progress of Egyptian League and Egypt Cup matches.
  3. Introducing local and international news and the latest developments in clubs.
  4. Progress of encrypted match result.
  5. She always cares about quality as she always broadcasts her programs and matches in high quality.

Nile Sport Channel Features

We have found that it is a unique channel that has many characteristics that make it one of the highest rated among sports channels, so after viewing the frequency of Nile Sport channel we show you its advantages:

  • Free 24-hour sports channels with no subscription fees or any encryption.
  • It offers a variety of different sports to satisfy many viewers and meet most of their trends and tastes.
  • This sports channel is usually not affiliated with any club and is usually different from other channels because it is interested in following the news of different clubs and does not prefer any of them.
  • The channel features a large number of media analysts who analyze different games, and present their analysis of these games with the utmost honesty and impartiality, without favoring any club or team.
  • He was interested in providing the latest news and updates to players whose audience is interested in following his news.
  • We also found that this channel has some exclusive news and sports.
  • This puts it at the forefront of the sports channel and first place in viewers’ preference.

Nile Sport Channel Programs

  • Nile Stadium
  • Banner and whistle
  • Journey of a star
  • Nile Direct Stadium
  • The week in an hour
  • Algerian League News

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