Learn about the frequency of Zee Movies Arabsat and Nilesat 2022


Zee Aflam is an Indian satellite television channel of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates specifically in the city of Dubai. Dubbed films such as Bollywood romantic, comedy and drama films are constantly broadcast, and in this article we will show you the Z Channel Tweets 2022 Movies.

Learn about the frequency of Zee Movies Arabsat and Nilesat 2022

Learn about the frequency of Zee Movies Arabsat and Nilesat 2022

Channel frequency like Nilesat Movies 2022

  • Nilesat Satellite
  • Polarization is vertical
  • Coding rate 27500
  • Error correction rate 5/6
  • Frequency 11939

Frequency of Zee Movies Arabsat 2022

  1. Arabsat Satellite
  2. Vertical capture rate
  3. Coding rate 27500
  4. Error correction rate 5/6
  5. Frequency 12111

Features of Zee Movies Channel

  • It is one of the most famous satellite channels for being a free channel available on Nilesat and also Arabsat. Zee Film Channel is one of the most famous channels in the field of dubbing, because it presents these dubbed works with Lebanese and Egyptian voices. This made this channel popular with viewers from different Arab countries.
  • Besides Hindi films dubbed into Arabic and Turkish films, award ceremonies and many special programs are also offered. The channel is also interested in showing various Indian drama series from romantic, comedy and drama that can reach 60 episodes of the series.
  • So you’re not restricted to a certain type of series and it’s suitable for all ages. Zee Films’ first broadcast began in 2008.
  • Zee Movies has not provided live streams on its official website, so it does not offer a live online broadcast of all the movies it shows on its screen.

The most famous films that I have presented are like movies

  • The movie Ra On.-
  • My Life’s Orders movie.
  • Dangal movie.

T Most Famos Series That’s Prestige Ari Lake Movies

  • Smelting series.
  • A series of greater quality
  • Islamic Series
  • The series of girls is the decoration of the house
  • Aladdin Fantasy Series
  • Ransom drama series
  • A series that brought you to your neighbor.
  • Star Night Program.
  • She and Da Vinci.
  • Zee Connect program in Arabic.
  • Zee Movies Channel Programs for 2022
  • Movement Assets Program
  • No to Routine Program
  • Pilates Program
  • Beauty Secrets Program
  • Bollywood Program 100%


Thus, we have presented everything you need to know about Zee Films, its distinctive programs and series after several questions about the frequency of Zee Movies for 2022.

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