Algerian DTV Algerie frequency on Nilesat 2022


The frequency of the Algerian channel DTV Algerie 2022 Japanese and international anime films, Korean and Turkish series and foreign works of various classifications, which dtv algerie channel is characterized by their presentation in addition to its local and international news and programs varied between news, economic, dialogue, entertainment, cultural, sports and other athletics and wrestling rings adopting the slogan of enjoyment and creativity.

Algerian DTV Algerie frequency on Nilesat 2022

Algerian DTV Algerie frequency on Nilesat 2022

Since its inception in 2015, the channel has been able to capture the attention of a wide audience space in Algeria and the Arab region despite its discontinuation in 2016 and its return and transmission between more than one satellite and finally its announcement on broadcasting through Yahsat, due to its multiple and diverse advantages, most notably:

Algerian DTV Programs & Series : 

  • Spanish series House of Finance in Spanish( La Casa de pabel)
  • Anime Series : Dragon Ball, Conan, Gintama, One Piece, Tokyo Goal
  • Turkish Series : The Intruder
  • Korean Series: I’m Not a Machine, Sons of the Sun…
  • Miscellaneous Anime Movies
  • Various and new foreign films.

The diversity and comprehensiveness of its full media materials that combine: entertainment, pleasure, education, saturation of the tendencies and tastes of a large segment of drama viewers of different nationalities and provide for its audience in the Arab world.

Being one of the branches of the channel package of the press agency dtv famous for its interest in enriching the community knowledge and its huge productivity that helped it in the continuous development of its programs and the purchase of the rights to broadcast many international works and the channel is launched soon on the following frequency:

  • satalite: Nilesat.
  • The encoding rate is: 27500
  • Polarization is horizontal H
  • Channel frequency: 12303.
  • SD channel quality.

What is the advantage of the Algerian DTV channel?

The Algerian DTV channel is also characterized by the presentation of science fiction films, wrestling shows, world championships in athletics and translated international cinematic works that win the satisfaction and approval of a large segment of the audiences of the Arab world, which increased the numbers of researchers for its new frequency, so in light of the permanent quest of a content site to meet the wishes of its valued readers of television channels of all classifications and nationalities, Masrawy Soft offers to you the following:

Algerian DTV frequency on Nilesat

DTV Animation Channel 2022

 Algerian DTV Algerie Channel

Algerian DTV Algerie Channel

The frequency of the Anime channel, which shows the anime translated into Arabic, is the Algerian channel dtv is the first channel to broadcast series and movies of Enppi at the level of the Arab world and which has received high viewership in the Arab world.

Al-Qarar TV is a private Algerian channel based in Oran, Algeria, whose official broadcast began on March 1, 2015, broadcasting Japanese anime series, in addition to many foreign films and series, is part of the channel package of the press agency DTV and its general manager Mourad Mashai, stopped broadcasting in 2016 in all satellites except Yahsat.


They also have a Facebook page under the name: DTVAlgerieOfficiel

It announced its allocation to its own receiver containing a DTV channel package and a new frequency.

Another channel appeared under the name dtv cinema: the frequency of the dtv cinema channel on Nilesat, to show beautiful and exciting foreign films, the new frequency of the DTV cinema channel on Nilesat to watch movies, programs and sports games, free viewing without encryption, horror films, action films and Turkish series Poyraz Creal, Bottom Warrior, The Pit, Sky Wizard and View the Tenth Part of Valley of the Wolves.

The frequency of the dtv channel on Nilesat to show exciting anime series, which tells about legends and fantasies, has received wide attention from followers of this channel. The channel presents many series such as Anime Conan 20, Anime Journey to Agata, Giants, Tokyo Cool and other interesting series and films.


Information about the Algerian dtv channel


The frequency of the algerie channel is a channel that broadcasts its programs from within the state of Algeria, a cultural and social entertainment channel, and it also broadcasts the most important football matches, live broadcasts of the English League and the European League, and many important matches, and the channel can be followed on receivers without cutting and with a strong signal and does not need a high-quality receiver And we present the new frequencies of the channel on the Eutelsat satellite.